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Str8Hell – Bradley Cook – MILKING MEN 3 May

Str8Hell – Bradley Cook – MILKING MEN (fetish) 3 May


Bradley Cook is one sexy stud. In this Milking Men scene he shows us his bare chest, and what a chest it is too. Then he is joined by his ‘milker’ who ties Bradley’s hands behind his back and then strips him down to his underwear. Water is poured onto the underwear to reveal the outline of his beautiful cock. Then the underwear is cut off and that hot dick is on show. It is teased until it is fully erect and Bradley begs to have it wanked. He gets his wish, but the wankign stops short of allowing him to cum. Then with that dick hard it gets some rope treatment as well, all the time keeping him on edge. His ass gets the treatment too,taking a dildo deep inside as his cock continues to get wanked but with no cumming. Then just when he thinks he may not be allowed to cum at all he is wanked hard and fast until he dumps his hot cream. Very hot cream…


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Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 37:19
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